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The First 30 Days Of Caring For Baby At Home

You've just had your baby, and the hospital is sending you home. While this moment is what you've been anticipating for all these months, you may find yourself thinking, "what now?" If you're among the millions of women (parent) feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about caring for your newborn, the good news is you're not alone, and those fears are completely normal! While every situation is unique, there are some commonalities we all face during the first days thirty days of caring for our babies. Listed below are tips for making this transition period easier, so you and your baby can settle into this amazing stage of life and enjoy all the happiness it has to offer! 

You Will Produce Milk

While pediatricians agree that breastfeeding is best, not all moms can or choose to feed their baby's this way. For those solely bottle feeding, it may come as a surprise to realize that you will still produce milk even though your baby never attaches to the breast. Around two to five days postpartum, you will notice a sudden leakage, often brought on by your baby crying. This occurrence is completely normal, and no need for alarm. If you're bottle feeding, your milk will dry up completely within a few weeks; to help protect against leaks while out, using breast pads and expelling, either by hand or pump, will keep you comfortable and put your mind at ease.

Cluster Feeding Is Coming!

Breastfeeding mamas often experience cluster feeding, occurring around one to two days post-birth. During this time, your newborn will want to feed non-stop, often rooting for the breast only minutes after they finish eating. While cluster feeding can make you think you aren't supplying them with enough milk, which can lead to anxiety and uncertainty, it is a natural part of their developmental progress. Fortunately, this non-stop feeding only lasts around five to six hours and abates, leaving baby satisfied and, more often than not, mom ready for a nice long nap!

Use Room Darkening Blinds

One of the best things you can do for your baby and your sanity is to invest in room-darkening blinds. Babies don't begin life with a circadian rhythm, so they don't know to sleep at night and wake during the day. By exposing them to natural light during waking hours and darkness to promote sleep, you can help them develop a healthy sleep/wake cycle.

Ask For Help

Caring for a newborn is tough, so be sure to ask for help as you adjust to your new schedule. Whether it's meal prep, cleaning, or running errands, friends and family are often eager and willing to offer you assistance so you can focus on bonding with your little one.

Don't Forget Self Care

Self-care is essential and will ensure you have the physical and mental capacity to care for your baby. Taking a nap, going on a walk, reading a book, or even showering are all excellent and beneficial forms of self-care to prioritize the first month after bringing your baby home.

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