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5 Helpful Tips to Postpartum Self-Care


 You've just endured nine months of creating a little human and bringing them into the world; you are officially a superhero! As challenging as pregnancy and delivery are, your new postpartum life will demand you give 100% of yourself to your little one. To ensure you can provide your baby with everything they need, it's vital you take care of yourself first during this important time.

 For six weeks following the birth of your baby, your body has specific needs that must be met while at the same time still caring for your bundle of joy. It is easy to quickly overlook your own needs while caring for your baby, but remember, you can't care for them fully on an empty tank, so self-care is an essential part of ensuring they have everything they need. Let's take a closer look at some postpartum self-care suggestions you can do that will allow your body to heal and help keep you from feeling overwhelmed.


Rest, Rest, Rest

You just birthed a whole human, which is physically and mentally exhausting, and it's vital you allow your body and mind time to rest. Every time your baby sleeps, you should, too, since sleep is one of the best ways you can expedite the healing process. Don't worry about the chores around the house; they will get done. Take this time to relax and give your body the time it needs to recover.


Where - What Village?

Somewhere along the line, a misconception developed that asking for help is a sign of weakness; nothing could be further from the truth! The saying, "it takes a village to raise a child," is so true, so don't be afraid to ask your friends or family for assistance. Whether it's watching your baby so you can take a shower, grocery shopping, meal prep, or more, allowing others to help you will help combat exhaustion and anxiety.



 Eat to Nourish the Soul

When a new baby arrives, it's not uncommon for parents to rely heavily on fast food since they're too exhausted to cook. While okay once in a while, eating this way can make you feel sluggish and tired, which is not ideal when caring for a newborn! Prioritizing quick, easy, and healthy meals will give you the physical and mental energy you need during your postpartum healing period, providing your body with the nutrients it needs to function at its best.


Light and Easy Movement

Exercise will release endorphins and serotonin, which will provide you with a sense of happiness and well-being! Postpartum exercise should never be strenuous and always follow your doctor's orders. However, if you're cleared for light activity, you can benefit from easy activities like taking a stroll outside.




Get Support

Joining a mommy support group will provide you with support and encouragement during your postpartum period. Talking to other moms at a similar stage in life can relieve stress, anxiety, and worry and give you peace of mind that they too, share some of your experiences.

 You can help ensure your postpartum period is restful while you create incredible memories by prioritizing self-care. At Bitt'n Melon Baby and Mom Shop, we specialize in mommy care, providing customized kits for pre and postpartum care that moms may not have considered. There is no denying the importance of postpartum self-care! So, how do you self-care?